02 July 2011

Minimal Markatable Subset

It has been a long time since my last technical post. Yes, 6 months!! I wanted to write something on iPhone Application development. But before doing that, I want to tell you guys on something that I learnt during my two day training on clearing the Certified Scrum Master.
During this training, I heard this term called "Minimal Marketable Subset". After hearing to what it meant, my view as a developer changed drastically. Basically, I want my code to be perfect. Whenever I develop something, I want it to be highly user interactive, highly easier and the highly optimized. But know what, that is one of the huge mistakes I have done so far. Because of this attitude, I can never be satisfied and declare my product/project as completed. I felt that was the right way to think till I heard of "Minimal Marketable Subset". It is the minimum thing that is needed to get something up and running. You can develop in increments as the application develops. That is the basis of any Agile practice and I have started to adopt it to my programming practice.
To put in simple terms, "do what you can with what you have and do it quick"

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