02 July 2011

iPhone application tutorial - Body Mass Index Calculator : Part 1

After an extensive learning on Objective C and covering the basics of iPhone development, I wanted to get my hands dirty with a working application. Following the concept of Minimal Marketable Subset, I thought I would develop a very primitive Body Mass Index calculator. Ok, into business

Our Final BMI Calculator Application is going to look like this.


Since this is a very narrow development environment (yes you cannot develop this with windows), I would want to give a brief on what you will need, both hardware and software. First of all, you would need a Macbook or a Macbook Pro. A basic Macbook would do. Its based on how far you go. If you are very serious into iPhone development, then I would recommend you get a Macbook Pro. On the software side, you would need the XCode development suite. You can get it from Apple's website, it is free to download. It asks you to create an Apple Id. Go to youtube or google, you should find tons of resources there.

If you want to create clean iPhone Applications, you should have a very strong C Programming Background. And it would be nice if you are familiar with Object Oriented Concepts. You would need to learn Objective C basics and then the basics of iPhone development. Believe me, those links are simply too good. You can learn them both in just a day if you are freak like me.

Armed up with these basics, we can dive into the tutorial right away from the next post.


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