04 June 2010

Useful books on Ruby and Ruby on Rails

Before we jump into the real discussion on Ruby and Ruby on Rails, I felt it will be nicer if I could provide some of the very good books available out there. Programming Ruby 1.9 is the starter pack that everyone who is willing to work on Ruby has to go through.

  • Agile Web Development using Rails 3rd Edition 
  • Programming Ruby 1.9
  • Head First Rails



Unknown said...

head first rails really isn't a good book, it is very outdated and some parts of it are just a bad way to do things

BragBoy said...

@Jim: Thank you very much for your feedback. Personally, I myself have not checked out the Head First Rails. But the Head first series have a very good reputation, thats the reason I put it here.

Yiannis said...

Agile 3rd edition is a bit old also, there is a beta for agile 4th edition.

Right now rails changes version, so the choice of the book is a bit difficult. For example, there is a new version with beta ebook for agile rails book 4th edition, so what should you buy? It depends on the version you want to work.

By the way for me, the best book is foundation rails from friends of ED.