29 May 2010

Lets Ruby!

I have been working mostly in Java for the past 4 years and my new work demands me to learn Ruby. So I've started looking into it for the past week and thought I would share my learning process so that it would be useful for someone out there. And thats the objective of this series of posts for someone having a Java background and wanting to learn Ruby.

Lets get into business. I am really excited to see the way Ruby language syntax is and I am eager to learn this mouth-watering scripting language of coolest nature. During my initial analysis, I learnt that Ruby is,
  1. Implemented in many other high level languages such as C, Java, .Net etc.,
  2. Is relatively slower.
  3. Ruby is a high level language made of a high level language.
  4. Not suitable for large applications.
  5. Completely open source and is in a budding state.
  6. Has a framework called Rails which is good for Agile development
  7. Community out there is getting better day by day and finding help immediately should not be a problem as time goes by.
  8. Has significant changes between releases which many developers wont welcome right away.
  9. Running time cannot be easily estimated since the language has several underlying implementation in several languages. But there are various profilers available to test them.
  10. Books are always outdated by the time when you finish them.
Now that the premise being established on what Ruby is, we shall learn it and have a comparison/understanding on how it relates to Java.



Luke said...

# Is slow for the obvious reason that it cannot beat any of the already known high level languages.
# Should never be compared with any other high level language.
# Not suitable for large applications.

This is why Oracle has chosen to remake the java.net portal? :)


Ruby rocks, don't compare with others languages, just learn it and use it where needed.

Unknown said...

How are these facts?

BragBoy said...

@Jim Neath : Hi Jim, I was doing research on Ruby for the past one plus weeks and I have come with these findings from various resourceful websites like stackoverflow.com dzone.com etc., The points may have come out a bit harsh towards Ruby developers (heck I am going to be one) but these are just pure factual data.

BragBoy said...

@Luke: Yes luke ofcourse Ruby Rocks, I am going to come up with more posts showing the mouth-watering nature of the code. But its always better to analyze what is going behind the scenes.
Thanks for reading the post!!

Anonymous said...

My friend, what you are doing here is just basing off broad generalizations. And what factual data do you have to support it? It would still hold as an opinion, and not as a fact if a person from stack overflow commented on ruby. But if you had actual factual (ha!) data to show, I'd be grateful.

BragBoy said...

@Vinay : Thanks for stopping by. I agree that the points I gathered were scattered all over internet and yes I kind of generalized it. Remember, it was 2 years ago which was the time I started learning it.
I would love to present some facts, but alas I don't think my time would allow me to.

But now its 2 years I've been using Ruby and I would want to stick with most of the points I have said here except #4 and may be #8 and #10 would be debatable.