25 September 2010

A Free game in Java

I wanted to play this game so badly as I use to be very good at it. I was not knowing the proper keyword to find it online. So, what the heck, I went ahead and created one! The front end used was Swing.
The objective of this game is to arrange from numbers 1 through 24 (or depending on the size) in proper order and you have one square free. You can move to that empty sqaure by pressing either of the four arrow keys UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT. All the puzzles formed will have a solution. You can use this code anywhere you want.

If you have Java installed in your browser, you should be able to see the Applet. Just click anywhere inside the applet and start playing using the arrow keys! Have fun!

Screenshot Applet



Anil Samuel said...

Make an applet and publish it here !!

BragBoy said...

@Anil: Running to office now.. Will do it tonight for sure!!

Anonymous said...

Man that was a good game. Reminded me soo much of my junior high school days. And I finished the puzzle in under 15 mins (way too long btw).

As in every good piece of code though, there are always bugs. A few NullPointerExceptions in this one on line 93.

Nonetheless, great game. Time to pimp it up Java2D style (if I can make the time) :)

J. J. said...

Here's another free java game. This one uses Seam and Richfaces.



BragBoy said...

@icewalker2g : nice to know it brought some of your green thoughts back!! Line 93 NPE is a stupid one :P. Will fix it!!

@J.J : The UI is lightweight, wants me to develop games in web! thanks for stopping by.