05 February 2008

An application from the scratch

I have designed an application purely using java that has lots of spatial features. I had doubt of whether to use good old java swings or some other UI such as RCP. Well, I started my application in RCP first. The one good thing I did while creating it was the framework. I made it independent of the front end (doesn’t matter what UI you are gonna use, the core logic remains the same). What I mean to say is that, there are these map viewing/editing functionalities which do not depend on what UI being used. For example, take the simple zoom functionality. If I am going to zoom to some part of my map in the front end, all that has to happen in the background is to query for the newly zoomed area and send it back to the front end. Now, it can be sent to anywhere. It may be a swing front end or Eclipse RCP or even a C++ UI or you can even send it as a response to a HTTP request. That’s how flexible your app should be. I will provide as many details about the one I have done.

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