27 July 2012

Windows Phone 7.5 WebBrowserTask - Simple Yet Powerful

WebBrowserTask is one of the most simple yet powerful tasks I found in Windows Mobile development. It is amazingly simple, just two or three lines of code and super tempting to include it in your project. Lets quickly see how to use it and places where you can utilize its capability at the presentation level.

Enough intro, here is the code

WebBrowserTask pptTask = new WebBrowserTask();
pptTask.Uri = new Uri("http://www.iasted.org/conferences/formatting/presentations-tips.ppt");

Damn simple isnt it? You could use this in places where you need to launch or open an URL in the inbuilt Internet Explorer. And the best thing about this is it will automatically detect the attachment file types (most of them) and opens them cleanly. For example, it could read ppt, pdf, xls even videos and open them cleanly. You can make the integration look rich by providing a button in the Application bar. Following is a screenshot.

Besides opening simple URLs consider using this Task to open regular attachments and make your end application look extremely rich with just one or two lines of code.


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