26 July 2012

Windows Phone 7.5 - ShareStatusTask's Limitations

The Microsoft.Phone.Tasks namespace in Windows phone 7 is a neat way to access the default phone specific tasks. One such task is the ShareStatusTask. If you want to say share your status on facebook or twitter or to windows live account, you can do it in one shot.

The code looks very simple,

Very cool isnt it. But the usage of this kind of limited. You will have to have all the accounts configured already in your phone settings. I was looking for a direct solution to just provide a way to tweet. But it was not possible to tell the ShareStatusTask to open it only if it has Twitter. I had asked this question in Stackoverflow only to double confirm the above said point. This feature is not available in Emulator, hence posting a screenshot from a real device.

Anyways, this is one of the cool tasks available and just two to three lines will add social feature to your App, so do add it whatever be the case.


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