03 November 2015

Stand still - and you are going backwards!

Imagine you are standing on a moving escalator that is supposed to take you from a Ground level to the Top level - only that its moving in the opposite direction. If you stand still on such an escalator you will hit the bottom soon. In order to not hit the bottom - you need to "at least" walk at the -ve speed of the elevator. For an observer it would still be standing still but thats the least one could do especially being in the software industry.

My blog once had crossed a million page views and the most active time I was during 2010. I think looking back - that was the time I had cracked any problems thrown at me. And I enjoyed it. I still could crack em only that I realise recently I've become rusty. However, I developed a variety of different skills down the road.

Alright I think I am diverging too much from what I wanted to say. In the IT world, one needs to constantly keep learning, keep pushing the limits, get hands dirty on a variety of technologies. If you are a manual tester - try poking at Automation testing. If you are an Automation Engineer - learn about performance/scalability testing. If you are an application developer - explore system development. If you are a software architect - see what is going on in that particular space and try to remain on top. That is the only way you could make sure that you are always on the 99th percentile in this industry.

One has to realise doing the mundane and similar work won't scale as we have already headed and running in the First order differentiation of time (speed). Second order differentiation (acceleration) will make us even more redundant. Can't imagine what we differentiated even one more step. The only way to sustain such challenging epochs is to learn. Learn learn learn!


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