03 July 2011

iPhone application tutorial - Body Mass Index Calculator : Part 4

Welcome to the part4 of the BMI Calculator iPhone application tutorial. We saw in the last section on how to set components on the UI. I had said that there was a small thing mentioned about the slider.

Before I tell more about it. Lets strategize how our application should behave. You slide two things in your application namely the heights and weights, the user will be seeing his body mass index calculated and will be given the result on whether he is normal or underweight or obese etc. We will be needing to determine the upper and lower bounds of the heights and weights. I have taken the height range as 120-210 cm and the weight range as 30-130 kg.

Whenever you click on any component, it corresponding property should be appearing at the right hand panel. Go ahead and click on the height slider. Set the minimum and maximum values of the slider as we discussed before.

You would also need to set the initial value. Since it needs to be in the center, set the height as 165 (average of 120 and 210). Same you would need to do by selecting the weight slider. 30-130 as lower upper bounds with 80 as the current value.

Thats it we are done designing our wonderful UI for the iPhone Application. We have some UI-Code hookup and some coding left before we declare our application is complete which we will be doing in the coming posts.


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